About Ovolo

Ovolo is a new publisher of interactive video games. We focus on micro marketing and favor smart and innovative gameplay to try to bring our audience only games with purpose. Our primary points of focus are casual games, strategy and board games, and also mobile and portable games.

We are based in Montreal, Canada which is a city known for its thriving interactive entertainment software industry. Fast Company recently wrote, Montreal is "multicultural, tolerant, hip, and tech-oriented, it features both Old World European charm and modern high-rises. Among international cities, Montreal boasts the fifth-largest creative-class workforce."

Ovolo has already made a significant contribution to the gaming world with its promotions of its first title which is an innovative game on the topic of environmental sustainability. "City Rain," created by Mother Gaia Studio, has already won several awards including Games for Change, and France 08 Imagine Cup.

We at ovolo pride ourselves on our new ideas and different approach to forming partnerships with developers. As a modern global company, ovolo values its partners and sees them as an integral part of business that goes far beyond just a basic supplier role. We are different from other video game publishers because one of our primary points of focus is forming real and lasting partnerships. These are true relationships characterized by mutual cooperation and responsibility to achieve the best possible performance for your products.

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