How to play

The concept behind the gameplay

City Rain is simple as it get. Like in real world city, most of the time, you have limited choice on which building you must place.

  • To move the falling building, press the arrows keys or use the mouse. You can also play with an Xbox gamePad.
  • To change the falling building, press A and D on the keyboard or use the mouse wheel or press LT and RT on the gamePad.
  • To improve a building, just drop another building of the same type on it (you will see the green light)
  • Each building has a maximum level. You CAN'T improve them beyond their maximum level (you will see the red light)
  • Press W on the keyboard or left click with the mouse or press X Button on the Xbox Gamepad
  • Keep a look out for Catherine's tips

Campaign mode

Through 20 levels of City Rain gameplay, players will face the challenges of creating a city. After every completed achievement, a new special building will be unlocked.

As a member of the RAIN task force, you will have access to the mayor's budget. Nice! But use that money wisely. Remember: we're here to help cities get off the WEPA's blacklist, not worsen their situation. It's all about creating and maintaining infrastructures with an eye towards environmental awareness.

So make sure you keep your Agent Status up while correcting the situation in different cities. At the same time, you must take care of all aspects of these cities including jobs, health, leisure, security, education and sustainability.

Quick play mode

Build a brand new city and get the highest score possible! Choose between 5 levels of difficulty (from very easy to very hard) or customize your own mission by changing one or more of the following settings:

  • Number of rounds
  • Time
  • Speed
  • Blocks
  • Size of the boards

The tougher it gets, the better the score! You will have an Agent Status bar and the city will have many status bars which must be monitored. It is important to keep these bars as green as possible!

For a higher score, unlock the special buildings by playing the campaign scenario.

Blockmania mode

Forget everything!! Just worry about building the city by using the pre-made falling blocks! Start anew and face unique challenges at each advancing level!

  • Create combos by matching buildings and multiplying your points up to four times!
  • Try to not destroy buildings. Otherwise, when your life runs out you will lose the game!

Increase your score and reach the higher levels for the ultimate puzzle challenge.