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Starting from the award winning XNA concept,
here’s what people are saying about City Rain


2009 Independent Games Festival Student Finalist
Game for Change 2009
Microsoft Imagine Cup 2008 Winners
The Go Indie Game of the Month - November 2009

What people are saying about City Rain

"....a bizarre, fantastic pixel-art styled game that combines Tetris and Sim City. I found the demo of this the freshest puzzle game I’ve played in ages."

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"Two great tastes that taste great together!"

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"... a damn near perfect envisioning of two great classic games melded into one. Despite borrowing heavily from both Tetris and SimCity, CityRain’s gameplay feels fresh."

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"City Rain is a change from many of the titles out there with the themes focusing on being “Green” and having a “sustainable” living."

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"These features are rather brilliantly meshed, making for a strangely addictive experience..."

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"Ultimately, though, what´s interesting about this game´s design, and what nobody else has talked about, is how the falling blocks somewhat highlight the chaotic and conflict-ridden nature of urban planning."

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"City Rain is a great concept to Mother Gaia Studio have pulled it off pretty well."

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"’s quite simple to get to grips with and, better still, it quickly feels refreshingly’s the kind of game you play for five minutes then realise an hour or more has suddenly passed."

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"While City Rain is one big environmentalist pitch to start caring about the environment, it is also a genuinely fun and well-designed game. It’s simple enough that anyone can play but also complex enough that the hardest of the hardcore can challenge themselves to its puzzles."

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"In what truly amounts to a great amount of polish over a title that wowed audiences earlier this year as a simple student project by a Brazilian university student, City Rain took a great gaming concept and made it better thanks to improved visuals and controls, removal of an annoying announcer in favor of gentle text, and a revamped gameplay modes"

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